Our sommer specials are here!

Momenti Estivi

from june 26th until august 28th

These momenti bring summer to your plate.

Chanterelle fans in particular will be delighted with our new creazioni - our Pasta Fortuna and Insalata Cesare con finferli make the little mushrooms stand out.

But we also have something for you if you think of delicious fish dishes when thinking of summer. Whether it's fresh pasta filled with salmon in a fine creamy sauce or spicy pizza with tasty anchovies - our Sacchetti al salmone and Pizza Napoletana are just right for you!

The two antipasti dishes of this Momenti are reminiscent of a Mediterranean barbecue evening with the best amici. Our tip: Enjoy our Chicken Skewers and Bruschetta al guacamole together with our summer drinks to round them off perfectly.

The crowning glory is our Torta al limone - shortcrust pastry and lemon cream under a meringue topping - doesn't that just sound delizioso? Take advantage of our Dolci & Espresso promotion and enjoy the Torta al limone with an espresso for just €6.50

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You can find out more about our summer creazioni here:

Chicken Skewers

If you like barbecue in summer, you'll love our chicken skewers! The marinated chicken is seared on our grill platter and served with a spicy garlic and paprika dip - buon appetito!

Bruschetta al guacamole

Creamy avocado, marinated tomatoes and fresh rocket make this bruschetta the perfect summer antipasti dish! Great as a starter or simply as a snack in between.

Pasta Fortuna

We are more than happy that the chanterelle season has finally started! That's why we've packed the little mushrooms into this delicious dish, where they form a fantastic pasta sauce together with hearty pancetta, onions, peas and cream. See for yourself!

Sacchetti al salmone

Sacchetti al salmone wraps salmon in fresh pasta - all covered in a creamy, cheesy sauce. This dish is a must-try for anyone who misses our salmon carbonara.

Pizza Napoletana

With its salty anchovies, the Napoletana pizza is a real explosion of flavor and, together with olives, capers and mozzarella, brings up Mediterranean vacation feelings.

Insalata cesare con finferli

Chanterelles - or finferli, as the Italians call them - are a delicious topping not only on pasta, but also in salads. Our tip: try this insalata with pancetta for that little something extra.

Torta al limone

Refreshing lemon cream and fine shortcrust pastry under a meringue topping - the torta al limone brings a summery breeze to our dolci menu.