Momenti Tradizionale

Momenti Tradizionale - Comfort Food from Nonna's kitchen

from january 31st to april 3rd

These momenti not only deliver comfort food at its best, but also bring back some popular dishes to the menu.

Loyal VAPIANO fans will be particularly pleased to see the Gnocchi alla Crema di Gorgonzola and the Pizza Quattro Formaggi again. Anyone who loves creamy, hot cheese as much as we do will find these two dishes hard to resist. Gorgonzola definitely makes its grand entrance here, providing that certain something in both dishes. Simply delizioso!

Some of you may also remember our Pasta Polpettine. It's ideal for your personal Susi & Strolchi moment. But even those who don't like to share pasta, which we understand perfectly, will enjoy this dish to the full. Anyone who likes pasta Bolognese, for example, will love this pasta.

Potatoes and bacon - a traditional match, made in heaven. Many people are already familiar with this combination from Nonna's kitchen - the place where comfort food more or less originated. We have packed these two hearty ingredients into a delicious salad to offer you healthy comfort food too - the Insalata con patate e speck. For those who prefer something warm, we recommend our Zuppa di patate. This is perfectly rounded off with our pancetta topping - our big recommendation.

Speaking of comfort food from Nonna's kitchen - it almost goes without saying that the Torta della Nonna is the dessert for these momenti, doesn't it?

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Here you can find out more about our new Momenti tradizionale:


This creamy zuppa made from potatoes has become a real tradition at VAPIANO. And that's exactly why it's back - you love it and rightly so! The croutons and spring onions provide that certain crunch. If you want some extra crunch and taste we highly recommend some pancetta as a topping.

The healthy Comfort Food


Balance is the key - a crunchy, healthy salad with a hearty topping of crispy pancetta and diced potatoes. We recommend the pumpkinseed-yogurt dressing - buonissimo!

So simple and so delicious!


Both gnocchi and gorgonzola are delicious on their own. Together they make a dish that our VAPIANO fans simply love. Not for the first time on our menu, and for good reason.

For your personal Susi & Strolchi Momenti


This pasta not only looks cinematic, it also deserves an Oscar for taste. Sautéed, juicy organic beef meatballs coated in a hearty tomato sauce and served on your favorite pasta - you'll love it! Our pasta tip: pappardelle

Formaggi-Himmel on earth


A pizza without cheese? Unthinkable for us. But what would a pizza ONLY with cheese be? The answer is clear - simply bounissimo! Our Quattro Formaggi pizza combines four types of cheese to create a pure taste experience. The acacia honey drizzled on top rounds off the whole thing with its elegant sweetness.

A classic from Nonna's kitchen


Torta della nonna - a sweet vanilla cream on a fine shortcrust pastry, covered with almonds and pine nuts. Doesn't that just sound delicious? But who's surprised - Nonna's recipes have always been the best!