Our new Specials are here!

A combination of classic asparagus delicacies and fancy wild garlic creations - these are our new MOMENTI!

The big star of these specials is definitely asparagus. The slender vegetable not only tastes fantastic and looks beautiful, but is also really good for us. More on its benefits below.

The dishes Zuppa di asparagi , Insalata Primavera , Pasta agli asparagi and Risotto agli asparagi prove in their simplicity that asparagus doesn't need much to be fantastic.

The pizza pesto con spinaci shows how pizza can be done differently and is perfetto for you if you love exciting creations. The pasta all' aglio orsino also gives wild garlic the stage it deserves.

Last but not least - our Torta alle fragole. Sweet strawberries and delicious vanilla cream on a fine shortcrust pastry - we probably don't need to say any more, do we?

Just like the asparagus, our Momenti are something special and only available for a short time. So come by and give them a try - we are looking forward to your visit!


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Read on to find out more about the unexpected superpowers of asparagus and to increase your excitement for these momenti even more:

Super delizioso & super healthy

Asparagus is not only good for our taste buds, but also for our immune system! Here are a few facts:

-With one portion of asparagus, you can cover 100% of your daily vitamin C and folic acid requirements and 90% of your vitamin E requirements -You can also cover almost half of your vitamin B1 and B2 requirements -The exceptional amount of fiber it contains keeps us full for longer -Asparagus is extremely low in calories (in combination with pasta, of course, it's not quite as low in calories, but you don't have to advertise that :) )

Creamy enjoyment


Asparagus and potatoes are a well-known and tasty team. We combine them here in a creamy, hearty soup. For that extra crunch, we recommend trying our ZUPPA DI ASPARAGI with crispy croutons.

Spring on your plate


White & green asparagus with feta on a crunchy bed of romaine lettuce, white cabbage and cucumber. A must for all salad lovers who want to experience spring on a plate. Our recommendation: enjoy the Insalata Primavera with our yoghurt - wild garlic dressing.

Perfetto in its simplicity


This is where our star - the asparagus - really comes into its own and proves that it doesn't take much for perfect enjoyment. The white & green asparagus and fruity cherry tomatoes are deglazed with a good sip of white wine. The result is a fine sauce that nestles perfectly around your pasta. Grana Padano D.O.P on top is of course a must.


If you want to try creamy risotto instead of homemade pasta, our RISOTTO AGLI ASPARAGI is the perfect choice. Here too, deglazing with white wine creates a tempting, creamy dish that is perfectly rounded off with cherry tomatoes and white & green asparagus.

This is not your average pizza


This creation is perfect for you if you are a fan of pizzas of a different kind. The delicious wild garlic pesto sauce melts in the wood-fired oven with fine mozzarella and sweet yellow cherry tomatoes. The pizza is topped with baby spinach and marinated tomatoes for that certain freshness kick. Simply delizioso!

Für alle Bärlauch-Fans


For anyone who has already had enough asparagus this season (is that even possible?) or simply wants to try something different, we have another seasonal ace up our sleeve - wild garlic it is :) As a delicious pesto and together with semi-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, wild garlic makes this pasta a real highlight!

There's always room for a dessert like this, isn't it?


Our TORTA ALLE FRAGOLE is spring in form of a dessert - sweet strawberries and a fine vanilla cream on shortcrust pastry. Buon appetito!