There is some exciting news!

Our new creazioni are here!

The pasta al limone, the pasta alla calabrese and the gnocchi alla caponata are our new stars in the pasta sky and will make your Mediterranean heart beat faster. Our little grain, the grain of rice, is also back in a big way - as the delicious Risotto gamberetti e zafferano.

Our new gamberetti e avocado and pollo con verdure grigliate salads are simply delicious and guaranteed to give you that vacation feeling. And we can always use that, can't we?

There are also two new pizzas on the new menu. One is the Pizza burrata e crema die `nduja and the other is the Pizza Hawaii - yes, you heard right, we did it. But what can we say... Pineapple on pizza - we love it. Are you on our side, or are you on the "Pizza Hawaii - no thanks" team?

The Panna Cotta Summer Edition and the Crema di fragola bring a breath of fresh air to our sweet dolci selection and are perfect for all those who like it fruity.

Speaking of fruity - we also have some really great news for all iced tea lovers. Here, too, we have a new addition: the limited edition Mango-Lime-Peach. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

As promised, there is also something great to win.
With a bit of luck, we'll give you a €50 VAPIANO voucher to try out the new menu!

To take part, we only want to know one thing from you. What is really important. The one thing that really counts. Are you Team Pizza Hawaii - YES PLEASE or are you Pizza Hawaii - NO THANKS ??

Take part here

Don't worry, we are not biased ;) The competition will be drawn at random on Friday, May 24th. The winners will be contacted by email. Buona fortuna!

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And to get your mouth watering, here's a little foretaste of our new dishes:

Insalata gamberetti e avocado

Prawn lovers listen up - this salad is perfect for you! Together with avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and romaine lettuce, the seared prawns make a delicious salad, perfect for the warmer months of the year.

Insalata pollo con verdure grigliate

We all love to barbecue outside in summer and enjoy fresh vegetables in the sun - at VAPIANO you can have exactly that, only without having to barbecue yourself ;) Just try our Insalata pollo con verdure grigliate with grilled vegetables, chicken breast and Mediterranean delicacies such as artichokes, olives and capers - summer on a plate!

Pasta al Limone

An absolute classic in Italian cuisine and at least as delicious as it is simple - our pasta al limone :) The creamy sauce made from lemon juice and cream nestles perfectly against our homemade pasta – buonissimo!

Pasta alla Calabrese

Watch out, it's getting spicy here! `Nduja is a spicy Italian raw sausage and it gives this dish the perfect spiciness. Olives, cherry tomatoes, rocket, cream and Grana D.O.P. do the rest ;) Buon Appetito!

Gnocchi alla caponata

Our new gnocchi are a Mediterranean dream. Here too, the grilled vegetables add a summery touch. They are served with a tomato sauce with onion, garlic and rosemary. The whole thing is topped with delizioso feta.

Risotto gamberetti e zafferano

Creamy risotto with the subtle taste of saffron and fresh prawns on top - yes, it tastes just as good as it sounds! :)

Pizza Hawaii

This dish causes emotions - for many, great joy and for others, well, the joy is less great. Despite all the different opinions about this dish, one thing is certain - we at VAPIANO love our pizza hawaii! The pineapple on the pizza gives it that certain freshness kick and makes it a perfect summer dish :)

Pizza Burrata e crema di `Nduja

The Nduja is not only excellent in our pasta, it is also simply delicious on pizza. The creamy burrata and the slightly sweet, yellow cherry tomatoes round off the flavor of Nduja perfectly.


The name says it all - panna cotta, but in our summery version, with mango puree on top :) We love the combination of vanilla and mango! Do you too?

Crema die Fragola

The star here is the strawberry - covered in mascarpone cream and whipped cream, it is the perfect dolce :)


Mango, lime and peach belong together- like cold ice tea and warmer weather! In this case, these three fruits really do come together in our Limited Edition Ice Tea and sweeten your summer :)