Monday is hard. Tuesday is al dente!

Mondays can be hard, we all know that. But never so hard that the anticipation of the following Pasta Tuesday can't sweeten it. The thought of fresh, homemade pasta with your favorite sauce and all for an irresistible price of €9.90 - it warms your heart just reading about it, doesn't it? The best part about it? Pasta Tuesday is available every week in all VAPIANOs in Austria and you can combine any type of pasta with any sauce - it never gets boring, we promise! We wanted to find out more and did the math - if you want to try every type of pasta once with every sauce, you can come to Pasta Tuesday for an incredible 176 weeks in a row without eating the same pasta dish twice.

Fresh homemade pasta daily

Did you know that our pasta is freshly homemade every day by our Vapianisti in our in-house Pasta Manifattura? Only two carefully selected ingredients are used - water and durum wheat semolina. Keep an eye out for our glass "Mani", as it is affectionately called by our Vapianisti. Every morning, they produce our 7 types of pasta for you there: fusilli, spaghetti, penne, campanelle, pappardelle, linguine and spelt fusilli. By the way, there are up to 600 types of pasta worldwide - unbelievable, isn't it? At VAPIANO, Campanelle are the most popular. No wonder, their shape can wonderfully embrace any pasta sauce.







Good to know

Have you ever wondered why our pasta is al dente so quickly? Because it is fresh pasta, it only needs to be cooked for 90 seconds.

And another insider tip for you at home: never wash off your pasta with cold water after cooking, enjoy it straight away :)

Pasta per tutti

Everyone likes pasta, which is why it is particularly important to us at VAPIANO to have something for EVERY taste in our sauces. Of course, classics such as Bolognese and Chicken Alfredo are included. Vegans don't have to miss out on these either, as we also have plant-based alternatives. 50% of the entire menu is vegan, showing that vegan pasta doesn't always have to be pomodoro (even if it is incredibly good ) Fish and seafood lovers are also well cared for with gamberetti e spinaci and puttanesca al tonno

See for yourself:

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Each pasta only 9,90 € - also for take away

If you don't have time to eat at one of our VAPIANO locations on a Tuesday, then simply use our Take Away. Of course, you can also get pasta here every Tuesday for €9.90. Simply visit our website, select the location where you would like to pick up your food and place your order - easy as that :)

Got a gusto?

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